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Compensation You Deserve

In the event that you are injured by an individual, at work, or while in the care of a medical professional, turn to Jaskolski & Jaskolski, S.C. to ensure that you have a high chance of receiving your rightful compensation. A personal injury attorney and medical malpractice law specialist in Greenfield, Wisconsin, we handle all cases with care and zeal. We also specialize in estate and other cases.

Get on the Road to Recovery

When you experience an injury due to someone else's negligence, you deserve proper compensation to cover the expenses incurred by your incident, from medical bills to lost work. When you fall victim to an individual, medical practice, or commercial entity's negligence, contact us for a consultation to see if we are able to meet your needs. Just some of the personal injury cases we handle include:

Traffic Accidents | Product Liability | Wrongful Death | Medical Malpractice | Negligence | Work-Related Injuries

Trustworthy Partnership

Personal injury cases are a big undertaking, and create a significant burden. But if you see your case through, the potential compensation helps a lot in recovering, both physically and emotionally, from your injury. Our compassionate team sticks by you throughout the entire process, doing our best to ensure a favorable result for you.

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