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Safeguarding Property and Rights

Ensure that you receive a fair judgment by working with the team at Jaskolski & Jaskolski, S.C. Located in Greenfield, Wisconsin, our estate planners and DUI lawyers work with you on a variety of cases, ensuring that your property and rights are secure. We deal with cases using a variety of processes, including out-of-court methods.

Secure Your Family's Future

Planning your estate and will may seem like a trivial task you can put off until next month or year, but it is important to always have a legally binding plan for what happens to your estate in the event of your passing. Your family deserves financial stability, and you have the ability to provide them with peace of mind by finalizing your will. Our estate planners and attorneys handle a variety of estate cases, including those dealing with:

Estate Planning | Power of Attorney | Trusts | Last Wills and Testaments

Adept Representation for All Areas

No matter what legal trouble you're in, our talented team represents you with skill and passion. Your successful outcome is our ultimate goal, and everything we do works toward that end. Whether you're at fault or not, you deserve top-notch representation to ensure that you are treated lawfully and made completely aware of your rights. Some of the miscellaneous cases we handle include:

Traffic Violations | Driving under the Influence | Wrongful Termination